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Operating at a world-wide capacity, ConnectLine is in service of developing smart freight solutions for businesses for 20 years. We enable companies to achieve their operational excellence by providing logistics through innovative practices, dedication and technology. Our motto is to provide unrivalled reliability, economical rates, and a dynamic set of services so you can have a one-stop solution for your ever-evolving business.

Fueling Your Logistics Chain

ConnectLine paves the way for your business to have access to maximum options and routes for all your shipments. From air freight to warehousing, rail, import & export and ocean freight, our modernized global shipment process can earn your business hassle-free moving, with possibility in every direction.

Experts at ConnectLine have rendered unwavering efforts that have helped many of its clients to reach their optimum, making on-going freight challenges easier.

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Your Digital Agent - Bringing Innovation In Every Step

Cutting through the noise, we offer unorthodox technological ways that allow you to streamline your business operations at a faster pace. Our unparalleled commitment to providing innovative solutions in the form of comprehensive digital integrations,  valuable analytics and intuitive interfaces have fostered productivity and efficiency among many of our clients.

Digital Optimization to its finest, we’ve simplified freight with our easy-to-navigate freight management system - now you can manage it all in a matter of seconds.

Working with Connect Line has been a blessing. Quotes come quickly and you get a real person when you call. Pricing is incredible. It makes me feel like we have been overpaying in the past with other freight forwarders. The service is impressive – phone calls and emails are almost always answered immediately by people. Price is an easy reason for recommendation, but the personal relationship with a company that is genuinely concerned about your freight tops the list.

Mattress Manufacturer, TN

We’ve been working with Connect Line from 2013, and have seen firsthand the way Shaizad and his team have worked hard to become one of the leading freight forwarders in the scrap industry. They always have new ideas on how to improve customer experience. As a trader, the ability to instantly view and secure rates in this fast-paced environment is a tool that has become invaluable for us to secure materials and make prompt decisions.

Global Trader, NC

Our experience working with Connect Line has been great. The service provided has been amazing. In addition to Anupa who is always ready to help at a moment’s notice, the documentation process is much better with Jessica than with other freight forwarders. The web portal is great for making bookings and checking rates. I would absolutely recommend Sealink to other shippers on the account of the tremendous service they provide.

International Shipper, NJ

We work overseas and it’s often hard to get a rate or make a booking because of the time difference. With Connect Line, I can access the rates 24/7 and make bookings any time I want! I’ve almost completely stopped writing emails to request rates or bookings... I can get it all done by clicking buttons online! Invoices are quick and easy to access.

Metal Scrap Exporter, OR

Most of the time, I use the app; I think it’s brilliant. It allows me to manage my shipments, bookings, find rates, and so much more, instantly! It makes it so convenient for me to manage the logistics end of the business, rather than organizing and going through files to track that aspect. It’s a total thumbs up from me.

International Exporter, TX

Connect Line service is great. Rahim is a company sales rep and has always taken care of any problems we have. The price is the best we’ve had in years, and easily better than other freight companies. Connect Line's web portal has been very beneficial to our company because it’s easy to use and follow. For example, if one of our workers calls in sick, it’s easy to follow up, and everyone from our company can see what booking we are using. Everyone can check the prices of all the carriers...

Electronics Trader, CA