Connect Line VISION

Delivering unmatched freight forwarding solutions to stimulate faster growth

Power your global freight forwarding chain/Supply Chain with Connect Line. Make the most from our smart freight technology that brings excellence in motion. Our devoted teams have industry-specific knowledge and a digitally enabled integrated infrastructure, allowing efficiency to sweep within your business environment.

A comprehensive Digital Solution for your global connection

ConnectLine enables optimized supply chains to help reduce your costs and manage delivery commitments through its connected global trade platform and industry expertise to guide you in every step. Become an expert in managing logistics, ensuring successful shipments and delivery of goods.

Smart Tech, Peerless Service

From pre-market assessment to managing final delivery, an Automated Online Platform ensures unparalleled efficiency making digital logistics easier to sync with your business requirements. In addition, it advices and supports you throughout the shipments process through various stages including:

  • Invoice
  • Customs
  • Trucking to final destination
  • Warehouse (De- Consolidation)
  • Settlements and Claims
  • Main Leg Transportation (Ocean, Air or Rail)
  • Proposal
  • Onboarding
  • Purchase Order
  • Booking
  • Inland Transport (Truck or Rail)
  • Warehouse (Consolidation)

Effective Administration

A cloud-based platform enabling every freight forwarder and shipper to have a full view of the state of the business including complete visibility, and comprehensive dashboards. With a precise knowledge of the state of operations, corrective actions can be taken on an immediate basis if necessary.

A Global Connection

Establish a global connection anywhere around the world with multiple modes of shipment. Discover more business opportunities and various shipment methods to get your cargo moving. Navigate the world of freight forwarding with ConnectLine’s smart freight management solution.

Achieve cost efficiency

Manage different aspects of the shipment in real time, access the best rates available and reduce your costs. Grab the opportunity of staying up-to-date with all relevant data. Achieve a considerable amount of decreased demand for the on-site resources and administration, thereby lowering your capital expenditures.

Exceptional Customer Service

See us for a greater moving experience. Facilitating our clients 24/7, our experts are eager to solve all your shipping concerns. Extremely knowledgeable in all areas of the supply chain, our experts can assist on all levels, from the packing and warehouse stages to the customs procedure, taking most of the pressure off you.